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Heard any good dumb American jokes lately?

Heard any good dumb American jokes lately?

Will the dumb American joke soon join the ranks of the polish the blonde or the nigger joke


Newspaper reading is on the decline, cities that had two papers competing, morning and evening are barely supporting a single edition paper.

Of course many blame that on the rise of TV news reporting. And TV may have had some effect on the newspaper circulation but there is a definite downward trend in al forms of hard news consumption. Once most radio stations had news breaks built into their schedule and most TV stations had morning noon and evening news.

Today TV news has become more commentary than informative in a pure sense of the word news.

Over the past few years I have watched the late night news show nightline change from a show that information junkies stayed up late to see every night to just another newstainment magazine show

Are they force feeding us this crap or are they giving us exactly what we want how we want it.

Why is the American edition cover of Newsweek often different from the cover of the international edition? Is because you can’t handle the
truth?         also see

It has however become apparent that if one wants to truly stay informed one most look to news sources from or directed to markets outside the US

There are many good worldwide news links on the resource page of this sight and regular readers will notice the sight has been redesigned to make links more accessible.


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