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Can even the Mighty Rush Limbaugh Save Denny Hastert and the Bush Congress

El Rushbo made an valiant effort to pull Speaker of the House, Denny Hastert’s fat out of the fire built by Mr. Foley’s little fiasco. As usial when things like this happen rush tries to do damage control by giving the limbites their talking points so the mean old liberals they encounter won’t make them cry.

After a bull session with Hastert on the radio show rush could only come up with this lame vindication

RUSH: Just a couple of points here about our discussion with the Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert. One of the interesting points he made was that all these instant messages between Foley and the pages took place when the pages were out of town. Number one.

Number two: He, Hastert, is being accused of not investigating based on the early e-mails, which is all he knew existed -- and others are suggesting he resign because of that. But I notice that the FBI didn't think that there was anything to investigate either, when it came to the e-mails -- and last I looked, that I was a professional law enforcement operation.

The FBI didn't think there was much to it. Brian Ross didn't think there was much to it. Nobody thought there was much to it, and so the people that originally released the e-mails said, "Well if this isn't enough, then by God we're going to release the instant messages," and so forth, and that's what got the gist of this going.


 The Hastert interview

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