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Blacks and the Thin Blue Line

I learned as a young man that it is hard to fight a war if you can not distinguish the enemy

The poor in this country face hardships created by criminal element and law enforcement agencies that sees them as ballast.

The police in most cities have more rapport with the criminal element than the law bidding citizen

when I was a child in Baltimore the police walked the streets. Depending on the area some walked alone and some walked in pairs or with a dog. You knew your neighborhood cop and he knew you. He knew your momma and your daddy he knew if you kept your lawn cut or your stoop clean. He knew whether to take you to your daddy or take you downtown if you got into trouble

However some years ago for purely economic reasons the police were taken off the street, and put into cars. Now they ride around in cars and only interact with you when there is a problem. The drug dealers, users, pimps and prostitutes can tell you the names of the police in the area they operate in but the average citizen would not be able to pick their local cop out of a line up.

Riding in the squad car the officer sees you and your cute 6 year-old playing in the yard with a firetruck or your teenager on her way to an AP class as a potential problem, he doesn’t know that you are doing everything you can to raise them right.

he doesn’t know that you work two jobs to feed shelter and clothe them he doesn’t know that your daughter has not missed a day of school since kindergarten nor dose he know that your husband was killed serving his country and never got to meet that 6 year-old. However he can tell you book ,chapter, and verse about the neighborhood drunk, the guy who beats his wife when he loses at poker.

We know and hear about the corrupt cops the nasty ones who look for someone to take it out on when they are having a bad day. As a black man I have had many close encounters of the cop kind and have been just lucky and or smart enough to make it through unscathed

I have said many times that black men and the police both have a PR problem the bad ones get all the attention and the good ones go unnoticed.

The police constantly complain that they don’t get help from poor and black neighborhoods in solving crimes However most people in law enforcement don’t see that some of their fellows are to blame for the distrust. The poor know of the cops who steal money and drugs from the drug dealers and the stories of cops who do enforcement for crime bosses have merit. If I wrote a book detailing the racism I have personally encountered in my life 20% of it would involve the police

As a black man who has friends spread out across the country on both sides of the law I may see this too simply I believe that poor men black and white need to put on their big boy pants stand up for their brothers, sisters, against the thugs be they citizen or police.

If the honest police want to get the citizenry back on it's side they first need to police them selves and stop seeing the world as us verses them. We The People are not the enemy and they need to see that it is the bad cop that is breaking the Thin Blue Line





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