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Main | Blacks and the Thin Blue Line »


How is it that two intelligent people can glean from the same set of events different viewpoints

why does one portion of the law biding citizenry see the police as heroes and an other fear their presence. The answer is prejudice and to understand this we must look at prejudice and how it differs from racism. First of all by the time we reach the age of majority each of us have form deep prejudices about something it is as natural as breathing. Most of these are passed on to us by those who teach us most of what we learn about life , parents teachers ministers and peers.

Recently I have heard intelligent white men express some amazement that blacks cry out when wronged by whites and keep silent about black on black crime. That we apply a double standard when It's a white person or a policeman that offends us.

The police report that they cant get help solving crimes in black neighborhoods they make it seem that if we would only put our trust in the force that they would make all our problems go away.

The true double standard is all the things that white men like Bill O Reilly can take for granted and I as a black man must use caution with in my life.

Remember when the pager was the must have accessory a conscientious white parent could do the responsible thing and give their kids a pager so they could feel a bit of security when their children where away from home. However black parents could not avail themselves of this security tool because a black youth with a pager would be profiled by the police as a drug dealer or mule so conscientious black parents would not buy or allow their children to carry pagers.

Several years ago in Buffalo NY during a routine traffic stop an officer shot and killed a black man and caused the death of an innocent bystander because the driver would not turn off the ignition of the car. So the officer claimed that his life was in danger because he reached into the car to shut the car off as the driver tried to drive away so the officer shot and killed the driver and in doing so caused the car to go out of control strike and kill a woman who was nearby. Yet not more than a few weeks later the police issued a warning about a man imitating a police officer in a nearby suburb and the official advice was that if you felt that the person pulling you over was suspicious that you should drive away slowly However most people in the black community I am sure knew that this advice did not apply to them.

Another double standard It is true that number of blacks who die at the hands of other blacks is appalling but so is this outrageous fear that white people have of black men just like all the data shows that if you are black and you are going to get violently killed in these United States a black man is going to do it, the same data sets say that if you are white in America and you are going to meet a violent end it will be a white man that is your killer

now here is a tip white people If you want to be as safe as possible you know how you check your door lock when you see me standing on the street or if I leave the grocery store at the same time as you you pretend that you forgot something and go back in or what ever precautions you take when you see the scary black man. No I am not going to tell you to stop doing these things but I am going to tell you to take those precautions with any man you don't know.









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