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Megan Willaims vs OJ Simpson

Once again the media says that the plight of black people does not matter in the USA

Just think back to the first days even weeks of coverage of the Michael Vick dog fighting scandal you could not pick up a paper, turn on a newscast or talk show without hearing incensed dialog from talking heads and Mr. and Mrs. John Q Public alike. The media seems to have gone out of their way to play up whites crying hurt over and blacks making excuses’ for the mistreatment of the dogs Vick and or his people have been accused of abusing

Now take the recent case of Megan Williams a black woman “allegedly tortured and sexually abused by at least six white people. No enraged black public or insensitive whites paraded on fox cnn or any of the used to be big three news networks O’Reilly did not go on a tirade (like myself Bill has an opinion on everything ) Greta Van Susteren was not outraged and Nancy Grace the champion of justice seemed not to notice anything had happened at all. However in their defense there has been O J Simpson issues that must be addressed lest civilization as we know it cease.

Whether on purpose are not, the media does shape our opinion of each other. And its various medium try to lead us by anointing the people they want us to look to for guidance the media never seem to interview Revs Jackson and Sharpton on issues such as abortion gun control or the war in Iraq. In most cases a black’s opinion is only valuable in matters of race. When whites are involved in scandal or mayhem one would think that there are no black doctors lawyers engineers generals. But when they need to trash a black the media seem to be able to find black experts galore in order to give the impression that there is not a racist slant to their reporting, and for the most part there is no racist intent in the reporting of that story. One day the media will understand that all people black or white have a right to their opinions. But for now thanks to the media all Whites seem to get from an debate by blacks is not that we have varying opinions but that when one of us finally gets it right i.e. the one that agrees with their mind set, the rest of us gang up on them browbeat them into that monolithic thinking that has been the hallmark of our race and culture.

Greta Van Susteren, bill O Reilly "Nancy Grace

Megan Williams


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