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Nappy Headed Hoes

Nappy Headed Hoes.

Most of the local and national media are not getting the point when they dwell on the nappy head and not the hoe. How would you feel if someone on national radio called your daughter, sister, or girlfriend a whore? And yes I know that rappers say that sort of thing and worst. Don Imus did not as in so many quoted rap songs disparage faceless black women or women as a whole but a specific group of young (collage aged ) black women who have names and feelings.

Imus may fall prey to the belief that all black men think of black women as whores or hoes if you please and bitches. When nothing can be further from the truth. One of the problems is that most white people over thirty have very little personal contact with black people over thirty. So they judge us by black teenagers they went to school with or the young black thugs that get most media attention. Should I judge all white people by white teenagers and the lyrics in heavy metal music? Most people black or white don’t know that most RAP music is bought by white teenage males. I would be willing to bet a years pay that if rappers stop featuring the world most expensive cars, jewelry clothes and liquors in their videos the misguided art form would soon have to clean up its act.

I was particularly impressed by Tom Bauerle’s show 03/12/06 on WBEN Buffalo NY, where he called the black communities ire with Imus an attack on conservative radio. In defense of Imus Bauerle brought up the issues of the Mayor’s son, the duke Lacrosse team, Tawana Brawley ,the black crime rate and other issues that were either negative towards blacks or would evoke negative thoughts from his mostly conservative white audience. For example: When Bauerle brought up the statics that claim more violent acts are committed by blacks against whites than the other way around but neglected to state that the same statistics claim that if you are white you are more likely to be done violence by another white person than by a black person, and that if you were killed that the odds are more likely that a member of your own family would have killed you. . And of course this would have blown over if Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton were not stirring things up with we poor confused sheepish blacks, this from the same Tom Bauerle who the week before NCAA tournament came to town said to his audience that he wondered if the murder rate in Buffalo would go down over the weekend.

I almost let this go until on Friday Tom boasted of a WBEN poll in which 80 percent of those who took the poll think Imus is the victim. Do conservative family values go out the window when the issue is black versus white? Or would it be ok if someone called the Orchard Park high school cheer leaders a bunch of Blonde Whores? If Don Imus had called one of my daughters a NAPPY HEADED HOE I’d be in jail today

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