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The new Israeli government proves to be just as crazy as the Bush regime

The simplest definition of crazy is when one tries the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

Twenty years or so ago the Israeli government had a policy whereby if a Palestinian child was caught throwing rocks at Israeli solders the Israeli government would bulldoze the home that child lived in. If I where that child, that child’s parent, sibling or relative living in the demolished home there would be no way you could justify it to me. Thereby you have now created a life long enemy. The rock throwing gave way to suicide bombings.

September 2000, Israel has implemented a policy of mass demolition of Palestinian houses in the Occupied Territories. In that period, Israel has destroyed some 4,170 Palestinian homes.

“The IDF carries out three types of house demolitions. Most are carried out in the framework of what Israel calls ‘clearing operations,’ which are intended to meet what Israel defines as ‘military needs.’ These operations take place primarily in the Gaza Strip: along the Egyptian border, which passes through Rafah and its refugee camps; around settlements and army posts; alongside roads used by settlers and IDF forces; and in the northern part of the Gaza Strip

“The second type of demolition is administrative demolitions of houses built without a permit. These demolitions take place in Area C in the West Bank, where Israel retains authority over planning and building even after the establishment of the Palestinian Authority, and in East Jerusalem.

“The third kind of house demolitions are those intended to punish the relatives and neighbors of Palestinians who carried out or are suspected of involvement in attacks against Israeli civilians or soldiers. These punitive demolitions are intended for the homes in which these suspects lived. However, in many cases, adjacent homes are also destroyed.”

2006 the Israeli government bombs Lebanon back into the Iron Age as revenge for the kidnapping of 2 of its solders. Claiming that to operation was to effect to return of the solders but knowing full well that a prisoner exchange is the only way the solders will return dead or alive. But the Israeli government hoped to turn the Lebanese people against Hezbollah by making the living conditions so unbearable that the Lebanese would run Hezbollah out of the country. But the result is now Hezbollah has gained credibility with region wide with Sunni and shi`a

Two things world leaders should have learned by now are 1. that gun barrel diplomacy does not work 2. if you punish a people for what there leaders do you don’t make them hate there leaders more you make them hate you.

How many times would I have to destroy your home and kill your children before you learn to love me

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