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Are your cell phone logs being sold?

Over the last few weeks I have been hearing from the Law and Order crowd that if you have nothing to hide why should you care if the government pokes around in your electronic persona and when you tell them that you are uncomfortable with the amount of data the government gathers on each of us and that fact that you have no way of knowing what happens to it once it is gathered they give you that you’ve been watching for black helicopters again look. As I all ways say just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean no ones out to get you. However when the lawmakers and law enforcement officers around the nation got wind of the service provided by trust me you can bet they are more worred about being blackmailed with logs of calls to the lover they cheat on their spouse with than compromising a snitch contact and its loophole in the law that alow them to listen in on cell phones with out a warrant that allow to acquire their cell phone logs. So now the same sleazy private detective types that the police sell and trade your private info to all day long are able to get dirt on any one who uses a cell phone for any activity legal or not that they may not want brought to light


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