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Alito: My newest Best reason to be against the Death Penalty

Picture this : the Police obtain a warrant to search a drug dealers home with an affidavit to search anyone on the premises. During the search the mother and 10 year old sister of the suspected drug dealer arrive on the scene the police the police take them into custody bring them into the house and strip search them finding no drugs

The mother tried to sue the police for illegal search Alito ruled against her. Stating that a reasonable person could assume that the issuing judge did not just mean they could search those on the premises but also those who would come later.

It is dangerous when a judge is able to stretch the law to shield the misdoings of the police. I believe that a judge should hold the state to the highest standards of the law. When the state violates one of us it violates us all and when a jurist allows law enforcement to break the law it diminishes our trust. And to be pro capital punishment one needs to ether have trust in the system or a great fear of your fellow man

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