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Can Blacks ever disagree

Once again Neocons are all a twitter about how we misguided Blacks are abusing Bill Cosby for what they see as his revolutionary ideas on how to remedy the Black condition here in the US. They don’t see that the debate amongst Blacks about the merits of these ideas is just that, a dialog, and the debate is necessary.

The Neo-Cons seem to think that Blacks are engrossed in some ideological monotheism.

They are blind to the fact that Dr. Cosby has gathered much support for his so-called stop blaming the White Man ideology, however his real message is one of taking ownership, Ownership of ones home, ones children and ones neighborhood.

Many of Dr. Cosby’s black critics fear that racially motivated whites might use this ideology to justify there own warped concept of Blacks in America.

Many of these misguided idiots who call themselves conservatives are of the belief that we Black Americans blindly follow the likes of Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton and hatch plots to bring down any out spoken black with a conservative bent.

However what I most object to is this notion that if some of the Black community takes exception to a conservative who happens to be Black, this black becomes less of a So-called Black leader than the many harebrained lunatics that the media seems to bestow that title upon.

I beseech white people in general and conservatives especially to only recognize those blacks that we have elected as our leaders.

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