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Social security indexing is a good idea if it is done right

After a 60-day cross-country dog and pony, show for his privatization scheme Mr. Bush is now taking one more whack at dismantling social security however this could be a good idea if the liberals are smart enough to take the ball and run with it. For sometime now, I have maintained that means testing would be an acceptable way to fix social security for the long haul. Multi millionaires’ receiving social security is ludicrous. The program was setup the way it was so it would not be welfare. At the time of its inception, it was rightly believed that many proud Americans would not accept charity therefore by making it an entitlement it would not be seen as a handout by potential recipients. I think the best way to make the program solvent fair and not a welfare program would be to turn it into an insurance. Workers pay into the fund their entire working cycle, and if the workers retirement their retirement income is near or below the poverty level social security would be used to adjust their income. If we get that part right and stop raiding the trust fund to bailout multi million dollar corporations and foreign adventures the plan will be successful

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