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Is the Bush regime is using Terri Schiavo to pay a debt to the far Right

In a bid to play up to, the far right wing of the party the Bush regime is using Terri Schiavo as a pawn. Mr. Bush asks us to accept once again the premise that if he believes a thing then it is fact. We now should believe that some of the worlds leading neurosurgeons are so inept that they missed during a thorough exam, what any Neo-con party faithful idiot emeritus can diagnose from a video.

We are to believe that a woman whose MRI over ten years ago showed her brain had turned to mush is going to somehow come out of it.

We are to believe that her husband who almost had a restraining order placed against him because he was so demanding of the staff in their treatment of her is some abusive monster who just wants to be rid of her.

We are to believe that Mr. Schiavo just want what is left of the $700,000 he won in the malpractice lawsuit. $700.000 that was put in a trust for her medical care. After 15 years how much if any of that is left. It has been reported that Mr. Schiavo was offered money in excess of $1 million to give up and let her parents take care of her.

Mr. Bush says 'It Is Wisest to Always Err on the Side of Life' if so how many stays of execution did he sign as governor of Texas . Where it was his policy to streamline the path from court to execution. Where was Mr. Bush last week when a critically ill 5-month-old was taken off life support and allowed to die last week in Texas , even though his mother objected. Due to a Bill Mr. Bush signed into law as governor hospitals the right to withdraw life support if there is no hope of revival, regardless of family wishes.

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