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How to fix Social Security without hardly trying

The main problem with social security is that it started with a model in which 16 workers

supported each recipient. Now less than six workers support each recipient This is caused by three things;

  1. white men live to long
  2. we are not having enough children
  3. Any idiot just by virtue of longevity can collect

White men are living to long.

When the system was devised, no one suspected the life expectancy of a man to pass sixty-five. White men should be at least as accommodating as black men are and die at a reasonable age.

We are not having enough children

We should encourage our children to have more babies when social security was established the average family had at least five children by the seventies that dropped to two and a half children. If our kids would get on the ball and start pumping out kids and their kids keep up the good work we would have to worker per recipient thing licked

Get rid of Medicare/Medicaid all those poor and disabled people live way too long, thanks to the great medical care we provide them the disabled stay on social security too long and the poor live to collect it.

Any idiot just by virtue of longevity can collect

If we had good assisted suicide laws in all the states then slowly ratchet them up to include those deemed useless by their families. Since the easiest way to prove that your productive is to have a job people who work pay taxes end of issue.

Or we could means test social security lets say if you are retired and still have an income of a ¼ million dollars or if you have liquid assets of more than say 2 million dollars I think maybe a safety net is not an issue for you.

Of course, the numbers can be worked out latter.

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