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The Bush Regime sets its sights on assisted suicide

The Supreme Court agreed on Tuesday to hear the Bush regime’s challenge to the Oregon law that authorizes physician-assisted suicide. Oregon's Death With Dignity Act, is the only state law in the country that authorizes physician-assisted suicide

It is evident that Mr. Bush is on another one of his faith-based campaigns. I.e. He believes it therefore it must be so. Our President who campaigned that he would appoint judges who would not legislate from the bench is now asking the Supreme Court to do just that because he mistakenly thinks suicide is a sin. However there is no condemnation of suicide in the bible, and in fact, in two or three cases there is an indication that there was a burial for Samson and Saul." In a Bible passage in Hebrews 11, Samson is listed among those who have found God's favor In the Old Testament; Samson pulled the temple down on himself and on the Philistines, taking his own life. King Saul and his armor bearer died by suicide on the battlefield. Abimalech, in the book of Judges, ended his life after a battle when he was seriously injured. "In most of the Old Testament cases, the suicide is the result of either a military defeat or a serious injury. And even though Judas' suicide is mentioned at two places in the New Testament of the Bible, Judas is not condemned for the suicide, but for betraying Jesus

It was St. Augustine (born about 354) who first said the commandment, "Thou shalt not kill" included killing oneself and some modern Christian churches traditionally, have considered suicide a sin from which there is no time or opportunity to repent or ask God's forgiveness. Therefore, the assumption was that a person who has died by his own hand spends eternity, apart from God -- in hell. Some go as far as to not allowing persons who died by suicide to have a church funeral or to be buried in the regular cemetery.
The Bush regimes target is Oregon's Death With Dignity Act, which was approved twice by the state's voters and took effect in November 1997. According to the state, in a brief filed last month, 171 patients have used the law to administer lethal doses of federally regulated drugs that their doctors prescribed for them.

This one of those issues I would like to turn a legal blind eye to. Or a Clinton-like don’t ask don’t tell approach to doctors. I do not like legislating death we tend to escalate things here in America, which means that if assisted suicide becomes the norm in our lifetime euthanasia will be the issue our grand children will debate. In addition, when they consider all the debt we will have saddled them with and the mounting cost of our social security they may be happy to pull the plug

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