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Are the Riots in France Racial or Religious?

People of France this is a message from a Black American.

Volumes have been written about what may or may not be the underlying cause of the Race riot taking place in France. Yes I said Race not religious and if the country as a whole concedes to this and work on the issue from its true prospective the best long term outcome will be achieved in the shortest time possible

America is still at this time paying for the sin of slavery. And we are doing so because at the end of slavery we refused to do the hard work required to reunite the nation in on the principles of our own constitution. Liberty and Justice for all is a rocky row to hoe. Just like the Bush regime’s don’t worry be happy approach to taxation is putting the bill of our follies on our grandchildren. We have only made Civil Rights a priority when it was shoved sideways down our throats. I was a teenager in America in the 60’s torn between the philosophies of H. Rap Brown and Martin Luther King. Well the idiots killed MLK so what did that leave me.

Americans love to credit the Martins and the Rosas as to how they came to their senses and passed the civil rights bills the brought this country peace instead of a civil war waged by terrorist freedom fighters. We give no acknowledgement that there was a carrot and stick approach to the civil rights movement we try to forget the Black Panther Party Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale and of course the Weathermen

It was not for us that the whites of America relented from the craziness of governmental racial segregation it was for themselves.

The sin you have to pay for is colonialism. The colour-blind government was an admirable try but by the light of thousands of cars burning in the streets you can now see that the emperor has no clothes.

The first advice I give to you is to not let what is clearly a racial issue be defined as a religious one. A racial issue will take some eye opening and a government edict or two to fix. If you allow this to be dragged into the greater religious turmoil that is predominate in the news today not just you the French but the whole of the planet will suffer . Just think that a few months ago you were worried about little Muslim girls wearing head scarves to school. This week a heard a French women express her bewilderment that the Muslim youths were burning their own neighbourhood. To this I say

“When a man burns his own Hut it is most likely a signal fire. It’s hard to see an upside down flag at night

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