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Laura Bush's Helping America’s Youth

Laura Bush’s summit on the American Youth at Howard University was full of good ideas not taken far enough. Now if her team of experts had shown up at the Millions More March or if they had invited the speakers form the Millions More March to their little gathering their might have been a feeling not just in the black community but poor communities in general that this is not just the same old we know what’s good for you crap.

The Neo-cons championed by Mr. Bush are more willing to build prisons than schools. The summit was held on the campus of Howard University ironically however Federal and in many cases state aid to college students has been cut in recent years as tuition continues to soar. All over the country public schools are laying off teachers and teacher support staff. There are schools in the most affluent nation on earth that the library is closed several days a week. They have wireless networks but no student computers. I cannot stress fuller the need for us to stop stomping on the dreams of our youth.

If you ask a child between the ages of 5 to 9 they can almost always tell you what they want to be when they grow up. And no matter what it is that they want to be they are hopeful about it. As they grow into their teens and acquire a larger world view many start to become less optimistic about their prospects. Why do they loose sight of their dreams? It’s because we beat them down! We give them more examples of failure than, or the wrong paths to success. Gone are the days when people grow up become successful and raise children in the same neighborhood. In many poverty ridden areas the people who are most visibly affluent are the criminal element. Who become ipso facto roll models most young poor kids if they have one legal misstep they are told that they have blown it for life. So many feel they may as well give up. Upper middle class and rich families know this not to be true they know that the criminal records of their children can be expunged or at the very least sealed.

Above all we need to fully fund education. From primary through college. Most public schools are funded by property taxes or a local tax levy which means those who live in an affluent area will have the best chance at a topnotch education but the biggest obstacle too many young dreams is the cost of college. Imagine you just struggled your way out of poverty in time to find out that your kid will not qualify for aid because of your income. Imagine doing everything they always tell you that you should do to succeed all though school you get accepted to the school of your dreams but due to the cost you have to go to a lesser school. We constantly hear of the kid who had everything against him or her and beat all the odds. There is no reason that a country as rich as this one can not fully educate all its children.

All that said I for one am going to see how well the tools provided will work for the kids in my area. Because i'd take help from satan or his wife to help these kids. 

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