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Rose Colored Glasses

Early in the mourning of the day I heard of Rosa Park’s death I accidentally stumbled on Moxiegrrrls Blog about Lynx and Lamb two poor 13yr olds being raised in a neo-Nazi culture. It was heartening to see how many of the commenter where wise enough to feel pity for these poor mentally abused children

Soon after that surfed into Opinionated voice a blog by a Muslim living in the UK. He had written about a race Riot in Birmingham (get this) England. You could have picked me up off the floor one of the commenter on this sight went off on a rant as to how Blacks are the scum of the earth. And that we have not contributed in any way to the development of mankind. According to his tirade Blacks have been incapable of even the most insignificant achievements. But wouldn’t you know it on the same site was an entry about a Black former college instructor Dr. Kamau Kambon calling for the extermination of all White people.

So I think this was Gods way of telling me to plant myself firmly in the fertile soil of tolerance all the while keeping the rose colored glasses in my back pocket

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Reader Comments (1)

..and what good comments you made. The irony of the two articles is clear. On one hand the riot occured, therefore giving the white racist pangs of justification in his delusions and emotion. On the other, the racist give Kambon pangs of justification for his "solution" to the oppression caused by the history of racism. In the melee nothing is achieved except by those that will rise above the subjectivity and promte objectivity.
October 25, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterjamal

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