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Do Blacks need Cal Thomas' permission to assemble?

Just to show how far some on the right will go to prove to Blacks that conservatives know what’s best for them Cal Thomas went on a rant as to how the sponsors of the Millions More March did not invite anyone he approved of to speak at the event.

I don’t know who was invited to speak or who may have requested to speak and was turned down but I do know that many a Prominent Black whose Ideas should have been expressed on the platform may not have done so for fear of having their credibility damaged by the likes of Mr. Thomas and Mr. Limbaugh.

“While the neo-Nazis planned to march in Toledo - sparking a "riot" among black gangs who, in the words of some locals were simply looking for an excuse to loot and destroy - their polar opposites were in Washington looting black dignity and destroying what remains of their "leaders' " credibility.”

I might also point out that since neo-Nazis tend to be Right wing you’ll be hard pressed to hear much more of a denunciation of them than this. (By the way Cal was that the polar opposite of the neo-Nazis or of the rioting gang members) I b CONFUSED.

Also groups like the Anti Defamation League urge prominent Blacks not to attend.

Because Mr. Thomas had no inflammatory quotes from the speakers at the Million More March he started his column Blacks need to overcome - their 'leaders' by citing some idiots gathered on the campus of Howard University then he goes on and on about why blacks should stop listening to their “leaders “citing that we should do the things that where the theme of the march and on those points I concur. But the thing that got my goat was that this Idiot (no offense to village Idiots everywhere) asked

“Where among the Jesse Jackson-Al Sharpton-Louis Farrakhan speakers at the Millions More march on the Mall were members of the growing black middle and upper classes? Where were the married black men with children they had fathered within wedlock and to whom they are responsible, loving father figures?”

Duhh he named three in his rant but ill name some who are not famous but where in the crowd and fit the criteria a: Gene Campbell, Linwood Brookes and Ronnie White. To name a few Black Fathers I can personally vouch for, and unlike the Million Man March even you Mr. Thomas were welcome if not encouraged to attend

Yes Mr. Thomas is right Blacks do need to overcome their leaders since the majority of the leadership in power in this country comes from the Right, and since most of the people Cal would call black leaders are simply the ones controversial enough to get press.

Yes many Blacks criticize Rev. Patterson and Dr Cosby also many agree with them believe it or not Black opinions are as varied as our skin tones.

Mr. Thomas reminds me of a Prominent White businessman I know here in Buffalo, we where sitting in his car discussing a venture when two well dressed Black men strolled by both wearing white hats. The man turned to me and asked what does it mean that they have on white hats? My answer it’s not Labor Day yet. Needless to say the gentleman and I don’t do business.

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