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Bush flip flop over death penalty?

Two things you hear from supporters of the death penalty are that capital punishment is humane, and that if an innocent is executed it’s the price we must pay for its ability to deter violent crimes.

The Bush regime has also indicated by action and inaction that torture is a legitimate and viable means of extracting evidence.

However if your government is on the Bush regime’s naughty list then of course the old double standard will apply. In May 2004, a Libyan court sentenced five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian to death on charges they infected Libyan children with HIV-contaminated blood in an experiment to find a cure for Aids. The defendants have appealed their verdicts while international observers said the charges were contrived and confessions extracted by torture

On Monday, Bush told reporters after meeting Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov that the US government believed the nurses should be freed. The question is why? It can’t be because Mr. Bush, doesn’t believe in torture nor could it be that the absolute fairness of the trial could warrant a reprieve from Mr. Bush

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