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Limbaugh's not so vailed attack on the Millions More March

In the days leading up to the Millions More March many conservative talk show hosts have engaged in what can be thought of as a disinformation campaign. Just like in the days that led up to the original Million Man March. Once again Rush Limbaugh found the need to malign the event. Trust me, Limbaugh knows now even if he did not know at the time of the original Million Man March that this is about Blacks taking ownership of their plight in America, clean up our own neighborhoods and an end to Black on Black violence, to name a few of the points on the agenda. And unlike the original event Whites and women where encouraged to attend. Most of the talking heads who attacked the march used Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and of course Louis Farrakhan as their means to devalue the good works of the event. Conservatives constantly rant at the fact that Blacks need to re-embrace the Party of Lincoln. However they want us to do it on their terms.

An event whose agenda contains as many conservative principles as this one should have been held up by Limbaugh et al and used as a bridge for those future Republicans.

I personally listened to Rush Limbaugh regularly for about ten years and can recall him ranting against the original Million Man March 10 years ago because its chief architect was Louis Farrakhan. Limbaugh says that one needs to listen to his show continuously for months in order to truly ascertain its true nature. After years of committed open minded edification at the Limbaugh Institute of Advanced conservative study. I came away with two things.

1. Rush overtly espouses the contemporary conservative line, right or wrong From Iran contra to weapons of mass destruction.

2. Rush covertly promotes racism. For example one of the first things he said about Colin Powel was that he was articulate, it was also one of the first things he said about Clarence Thomas the former was a five star general and the latter was an ivy league educated lawyer Duhh! In all my years of listening to Rush I have never heard mention of as to whether a white man could or could not articulate the language. On this Fridays show as could be expected Rush instead of words of encouragement for those of us going to DC. To promote empowerment, he first denigrated the gathering and then as a diversion went on a tirade against Farrakhan. I am no fan of Farrakhan but as far as the Million Man March, Promise Keepers and the Millions More March are concerned they are a damned good idea even if Satan himself thought of them. Below is a link to the Limbaugh site listen to the audio as it will give you a feel of what is going on behind the scenes. Take note of how he says Rev. Jesse Jackson’s name, this is how he always says it and it is to poke fun at the fact that Jackson also speaks coherent English. Calypso Louie is what Limbaugh calls Louis Farrakhan remember at the end that Farrakhan says he had a vision and unlike Rush I have heard men of Pat Robinson’s ilk claim to have had visions

Rush 10/14/05

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