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It's Official G.W. Bush Is President elect 2005 -2009

It' Official G.W. Bush Is President elect 2005 -2009

The electoral votes have been certified at the Congress' quadrennial counting of electoral votes. However, the count did not go smoothly Senator Barbara Boxer, Democrat of California, joined some House Democrats in challenging the certification of Ohio's 20 electoral votes. The challenge was merely a protest aimed at bringing attention to the many irregularities in the Ohio poll.

Supporters of the challenge repeatedly said they had no desire to upset the election. Many even said they would vote against their own motion and in favor of validating the disputed Ohio tally hoping to avoid such accusations. The real issue they said was the need to make the country's voting systems fairer and more accurate.

They believed that This was their only opportunity to have this debate while the country is listening.When the 2000 vote was counted some House members supported a challenge but no senator was willing to join the protest. Such a Congressional challenge requires a formal objection to be lodged by a member of each chamber.

The last time the House and Senate were forced to meet separately to hear election challenges in January 1969. That year, a North Carolina elector who had pledged to support Richard M. Nixon broke with long tradition and voted instead for George Wallace, the independent candidate. Both chambers allowed that rare "faithless" vote to stand.

"I have concluded that objecting to the electoral votes from Ohio is the only immediate way to bring these issues to light," Ms. Boxer said in a letter to Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones of Ohio, a leader of the Democratic challenge.

"The goal is to debate the issue," Mr. Tubbs Jones told The Associated Press. "And why not? We go across the world trying to ensure democracy, but there are some problems with the process in the United States."

The Republican answer was in their usual shoot the messenger style for the most part, rather than debate the issue on its merits they decried how the baseless protest somehow dishonored the proceedings Rep. Candice Miller, R-Mich., said Democratic complaints were "outrage based on fantasy conspiracies." At the White House, spokesman Scott McClellan dismissed the move as politically driven, saying, "it is time to move forward and not engage in conspiracy theories or partisan politics of this nature."

However, the issue remains there may not be a proverbial smoking gun but all over the country there where irregularities that both camps were pointing to before and on Election Day. Now for them to be satisfied because their boy won is the way of politics. However, the voter deserves better. The flaws in the system need to be fixed sooner than later if Pennsylvania had of been the state to push Kerry over the top we would be getting this scenario played out with the roles reversed.

We need federal election standards that apply to all the states and the only way we will get them is if you make your voice heard

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