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Today millions of Iraqi citizens faced with threats and intimidation went to the polls.

As an American, I am so ashamed

I can remember when my maternal grandmother walked 3 miles to vote at age 65 because a family member who was supposed to take her to the polls was late picking her up.

As a black woman born in 1899, she knew how precious the voting privilege was.

Today millions of Iraqi citizens faced with threats and intimidation went to the polls.

Now too many of us take voting for granted our young people are too stupid to vote, a lot of us are headed over the hill with a spotty voting record. The only block of voters that can be depended on are our senior citizens.

High estimates say upwards of 70% of eligible Iraqis stood in long lines dressed in their Friday best. In wheelchairs they came, some brought their children to witness history in the making.

Private cars were banned from the streets, forcing suicide bombers to strap explosives to their bodies and carry out attacks on foot. Even so, reports say as soon as order was restored to polls where the bombings took place reopened in two hours.

Even if the conservative estimate of 57% is true they will have put us too shame.

The next time you here someone use he weather as an excuse for not voting you have my permission to give them the proverbial swift kick

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