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violent Crime Down! Murders Up?

Violent crimes dropped by 3 percent last year, but murder and hate crimes went up does that make you feel safer with 16,503 murders last year. In 55 percent of the murders, the assailant knew the victim; almost a third of the cases where the female victims knew their killer it was a husband or boyfriend.
However, the figures provide a window into the killings: 90 percent of victims were adults; 77 percent were males; 48.7 percent of murder victims were white; 48.5 percent were black; black offenders killed 92 percent of black victims; whites killed 84.7 percent of white victims.

In 2003 nearly 7,500 hate crimes where reported. Of those, half had black victims. Most hate crimes involve cases are intimidation, vandalism or property destruction. However there where 14 murders, 2,700 assaults, 4 of the murders had black victims 6 where gay males.
The majority of the hate crimes motivated by religion where against Jews, 927 while surprisingly anti-Islamic incidents where at 149. There where 1200 hate crimes based on sexual orientation, 783 where against male homosexuals. Of over 11,000 law enforcement agencies that report to the FBI, only 16 percent reported hate crimes. Leaving one to wonder that if in some areas they are ether under reported or dismissed altogether.
 Attorney General John Ashcroft said in praise of enforcement efforts, "Law-abiding Americans are enjoying unprecedented safety."..."We remain committed to preventing crime and holding accountable those who violate our laws,"
Do You Feel any safer?
more on violent crime            more on hate crime

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