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Call me Black Damn It

It seems that all over America Blacks and whites for some reason are still engaging in a great debate over what to call Americans who just so happen to be the descendants of African slaves brought to America in bondage and eventually freed

I remember a time if you called me black I would kick your ass, No matter what race you where. It was a time when colored people where ashamed of being dark or took pride in having light skin. This still takes place to some extent,

just as a lot men white droll over blondes and little white girls secretly dream of being blonde, Black men to a large degree find them attracted to light skinned black women. Both instances may be attributed to the effect of media on culture

Colored people was a name given to us by well meaning whites, then after WWI in a fit of early political correctness we where dubbed Negro. until along came the turbulent 60's when we took the initiative embraced Blackness and took on Black as our racial identifier.

By the late 80's under pressure from upwardly mobile blacks, and whites who thought Black was to caustic or who still felt a negative vibe caused when you prefix any word or thing with black, such as: Black arts, Blackball, Black book, Black flag, Blackguard, Black hand, Blacklist, Black Magic, Black-mail, Black-market, Black Mass, and Black sheep.

Some of us became African Americans and still there is discord in the Black- African American community as to what we should be called. Although some my self included may think colored is the more descriptive and accurate term, it caries with it a stigma of shame from it's past usage.

Since most of us have never been to Africa and shall never go. Furthermore, most of us have no substantial ties to Africa by tradition or culture As we develop this Black American culture. We need to embrace that which is uniquely ours. We need Black Power to rekindle that sprit that brought us through the Civil Rights era in America if we ever expect to get beyond the hell we are going through in American cities with the Black on Black killings and the lack of meaningful racial pride

Therefore I AM BLACK

A Joke

A black man and his son are on a plane heading home back to Africa. During the plane flight theres a problem, the plane is overweight. On the overhead an annoucement comes on. "We are having overweight problems so we are going to have to throw some people off of the back of the plane, we'll start in alphabetical order. Will all african americans please stand up and move to the back of the plane". The Son stands up and the father says "sit down." "Will all black people please stand up and goto the back of the plane." The Son stands up father says "sit down." "Will all cloured people please stand up and move to the back of the plane." The Son stands up the father says "sit down." The son then says "But dad, if were not african americans, blacks, or coloured, what are we?" "Today were Niggers son."

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