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Chicago Schools have been told to outsource  tutoring

Chicago Schools have been told to outsource the tutoring of tens of thousands of poor under performing students due to the No Child Left Behind act.

A provision in the law mandates that a district must provide tutoring for low-income students who perform poorly. The ruling also mandates that if a school under-performs for three years in a row must offer free tutoring children. Private companies, religious institutions, schools and districts are eligible to run the tutoring programs, but the under performing school itself cannot.

Eugene Hickok, U.S. undersecretary of education told the Chicago Tribune "In essence, we would be saying, `Well, let's see, the school district didn't provide adequate education for students, but let's label them a supplier of tutoring services and then pay them some more money because they didn't get it right the first time."

This is like telling a hospital that they cannot administer a new drug proven to cure its patients because it has not been otherwise able to cure them.

No Child Left Behind has a goal of closing under performing schools by mandating that any child in such a school can transfer out. However, Chicago's better performing schools have are already over crowded. nevertheless, the U.S. undersecretary of education, warned Chicago--and hundreds of other urban districts around the country--that crowding was not an excuse to limit the transfer provision.

Mr. Bush and his administration once again are letting his core beliefs blind him to the reality of the situation. The schools are not failing the children, we the American people are when we expect those children who have to deal with violence, poverty and questionable home lives to keep up with those in a more idyllic setting. Foremost of all their parents are failing them but we should not hold the child responsible for their parents.

We need to get away from funding schools with property taxes, but that would take real reform like the federal government fully funding all schooling from pre K through college so that access to education is not an issue.

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