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The Presidential Medal of Freedom awarded to the Three Stooges

The Presidential Medal of Freedom awarded to the Three Stooges


A young woman I am very fond of confided in me about how much she wished for a pony as a child. Someone had told her that if you wish for something hard enough, believe with all your might and never let anything dash your hope you will one day get your wish. Even though they were poor living day to day, she kept her dream alive. She cut pictures of horses out magazines to decorate her room read how-to books on how to ride and the care of horses, and even picked names, male and female for the horse she knew someday would be hers.

The President I am afraid has a form of Pony wish syndrome. He thinks that if he believes he is right hard enough and long enough and disregards all evidence to the contrary in the end he will be right.  

On December 14, Mr. Bush gave the highest honor that this country can bestow, on three men who where instrumental to his failing policy in Iraq. Or in his words, "made our country more secure and advanced the cause of human liberty": Gen. Tommy R. Franks, George J. Tenet and L. Paul Bremer III. Mr. Bush ignores there contribution to the ever increasing death toll, and suffering of our troops and the Iraqi people.

"These three men symbolize the nobility of public service, the good character of our country and the good influence of America on the world," Mr. Bush said at a White House ceremony as he bestowed the awards. Listening to these words, I wondered who censors his news feed? People around the world point to the debacle in Iraq as the latest, best proof of American arrogance toward the rest of the world.

Maybe we are, giving this  award to freely maybe there should be a second award that a president can give those who have served him well regardless of there contribution to the greater good of the United States of America

The first recipients of the award

 Elaine Delhaye

Anna M. Rosenberg

Andrée de Jongh

Marie Louise Dissard



The Presidential Medal of Freedom is America's highest civilian award and, among all American honors, it ranks second to only the Congressional Medal of Honor the nation's highest military award. This great honor is reserved for individuals the President deems to have made especially meritorious contributions to the security or national interests of the United States, to world peace, or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors. Though it may be awarded for singular acts of momentous import, it is generally conferred only for a lifetime of service or at the conclusion of a distinguished career.  (Courtesy of



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