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A little deficit spending

I have decided to get new credit cards in my minor
children's names since they are powerless to stop me
it should be easy enough. It's not as if they get a
in the matter. Although they will even get to help
choose how I
spend some of the money
I will just persuade them by spending a portion of the
money on things they want now. Or if convince them
that they want all kinds of toys and goodies to off
set the fact that I am using some of that money to
entertain my friends. While I am at it, I may as well
put the utilities in their names. In addition, I could
take out
a loan in their names to fix the roof..but you know
I have always wanted a boat. I could save the money
for their education... no let the pull themselves up by
their bootstraps. They will be better off for it. Yes
a little home-style conservative voodoo-economics.
That's just what we need around the Maniac household.

Yes, GW Bush and A Greenspan are my new heroes. Since
their generation will have to pay the debts made by us
baby-boomers, the little Axe Wielders may as well get
used to taking up the slack. As long as we keep
building schools in the countries, we liberate while
building prisons at home. We can just lock them up if
they get out of hand.

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