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The Cuban Embargo needs to be lifted

Before the Cuban embargo, Cuba and the U.S. had traded heavily.  In the 1950's, the U.S. imported 75% of what Cuba exported, and 80% of Cuban imports came from the U.S. .  US companies owned 75% of the sugar industry Cuba's chief product and 60% of Cuba's land. After the Cuban Revolution of 1959 the relationship between Cuba and the US. Became strained. The Cuban government nationalized all American property in Cuba. The Cuban government offered to reimburse the American companies at book value for the property but the offer was not accepted. Instead an embargo was put in place who's aim was to cause such a hardship on the Cuban people that they would overthrow Castro.
Four decades later, it is easier to buy Cocaine on the streets of America than a Cuban cigar.
We trade with countries like Iran and China, who's human rights records make Castro look like a saint. The embargo has not worked and will not work. It is time to rethink our policy regarding Cuba and Castro.

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