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Why a liberal radio talk show will never make the big-time in America

Why a liberal radio talk show will never make the big-time in America.
There was a time when I a mouthy Liberal Blackman could waltz into a crowded room of conservatives, engage them in a political discourse and leave the room with them shouting obscenities.
But about twenty years ago I noticed that conservative bar room politicians started to be able to defend their positions. No matter how far out in right field they where they could make a case for their opinions with out calling me The N word, they not only learned how to support their arguments but the discussion was more engaging they had a grasp of current events foreign and domestic.

I also noticed when they felt they had me on a point they might high five a buddy and say " Rush was right". Finally I asked who is this Rush guy and that's how I discovered Rush Limbaugh. I could not wait to hear this man who could teach these cretins to utter coherent sentences. I was sure the information I could glean from him would elevate my debate skills.

But that was not to be, Mr. Limbaugh was a High priest to the Temple of the GOP. And the Ditto heads as they call themselves or Limbites as I like to call them, gather around their radios each noon to get their daily dose of Rushisims. Every day Rush teaches his acolytes how to defend all tings conservative. And they get to call in to praise him and testify as to how the evil Liberals are destroying the American way of life. And how the Liberal news media in its bias goes out of its way to show all conservative ideas and politicians in a bad light or not show them at all. All mainstream media outlets are called "THE LIBERAL NEWS MEDIA". Most of the information that they use ether to impugn their enemies or to praise their partisans comes from the hated Liberal news media.

Most liberals that I know who are political are open minded and tend to not need to be told how to think or how to express their views and core values in a fashion that does not make them seem cold hearted ,insensitive or racist .

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Reader Comments (1)

whats yor beef with rush
November 20, 2004 | Unregistered Commenternuttyprof

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