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An Eye any Eye

halberd.jpgAn Eye any Eye

Have you ever noticed that in high profile murder cases the victim's family and friends rally around the police no matter who the police accuse they immediately want that person to receive the full weight of the legal system. They would continue to back the police no matter how flimsy the evidence. And all moves made in defense of the accused would be looked on as coming from the enemy because in reality they want to believe the police have the right person. But deep down they want someone, anyone to pay. It's what we call justice, as it's old as written history an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth.

After 9/11 we Americans were outraged and wanted swift and immediate justice. I applauded President Bush for his quick action in Afghanistan. I believe it was the right course of action.
But when he or Rumsfeld decided to go into Iraq they knew they could count on human nature and that enough Americans would back them. They would overlook the holes in the case he made for war and then once the war was engaged we would find it hard to support our troops and be against the war. and they were right.

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