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Welcome to the space

between My ears!




The American flag flown upside down  is the signal for a  nation in crisis.
As for my own  added touches: The blurring of the stars represents the loss
of the rights of state soverignity.  The blood represents both the blood of
the men who fought against the opression of King George the III, and insti-
tuted the Constitution,  as well as the blood of the men, both American and
foreign,  who are dying and who will die,  due to the reign of  King George
the II and his unholy war against the Constitution.
Benjamin R. Coulter


A nation grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they will never know

Chinese proverb  

Axe Grinding: My Web log in an dynamic journal. take a look and please feel free to comment. The contents of this blog are My not so humble opinion. and carry no warranty.

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In Memoriam No matter how you feel about the war there are real people on both sides dying every day.
This page is just a small tribute to the US dead